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2021.10 BLAST service now provided by SequenceServer Cloud
We used to run our own BLAST server, but now just use that hosted cloud BLAST service
2018.02 We reviewed recent ant genomics research
Our lab wrote a review on the genes and genomic processes underpinning the social lives of ants.
2015.09.02 New Blast Page
Blast page has been updated to run the latest SequenceServer. Added the new transcript sequences Morandin et al (in press). As well others from the downloads page. Updated by Filip Tér
2015.08.21 New downloads page, new data
Downloads page has been restructured to group data by family, species, and data type. New genome FASTA and GFF files mirrored from NCBI. New transcript sequences assembled from RNASeq data for 17 ant species from Morandin et al (in press).
2014.09.19 C. obscurior sequences
Added Cardiocondyla obscurior genome, predicted proteins and transcripts to BLAST and downloads.
2013 Move to London
To facilitate day to day management, fourmidable is now hosted in Yannick's lab at Queen Mary University of London. Get in touch if anything feels like it might be broken.
2012.05.26 Other ant sequences
Added genomic sequence of ants that are not part of a genome projects to BLAST.
2012.03.10 Crazy ant sequences
Added Nylanderia pubens (Invasive Caribbean Crazy Ant) transcriptome assembly. [Paper PDF]
2012.02.15 BLAST interface updated
Usability upgrades for the BLAST interface.
2012.01.08 Uniprot links for S. invicta protein sequence
S. invicta protein sequences in BLAST output are now automatically linked to their corresponding Uniprot page for reference.
2011.08.30 C. floridanus and H. saltator EST assembly
Camponotus & Harpegnathos mRNA (assembled from short EST reads) added to BLAST.
2011.08.29 New domain & naming
Fourmidable is now And web addresses to blast ant genomes ( and download data ( are now simpler.
2011.07.14 Server update
Old server replaced by a new one. BLAST searches should be much faster!
2011.06.01 BLAST user interface update
BLAST search features as "assisted" user interface that helps you choose which blast types and databases are possible with your query.
2011.06.01 Acromyrmex echinatior leafcutter ant
Added sequence from the Acromyrmex echinatior leafcutter ant genome to download and blast.
2011.02.14 Atta cephalotes leafcutter ant
Atta cephalotes leafcutter ant genome paper released. Sequences added to ant blast search and sequence download
2011.02.01 Fourmidable updates
Sleek new BLAST interface to search ant genome sequences.
2011.01.31 Solenopsis, Pogonomyrmex and Linepithema ant genomes released
Solenopsis invicta red fire ant, Pogonomyrmex barbatus harverster ant and Linepithema humile argentine ant genomes released online in PNAS.

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